0   General Legal Resources

FindLaw Search
DIAL Law Search
CataLaw: Meta-Index of Law
World Law Links (Aust. LII)
WWW Virtual Library: Law
Hieros Gamos
Internet Legal Resource Guide
Library of Congress: Guide to Law Online
US House of Rep. Law Library
World List (Non-US; 70 Countries)
Lexadin: World Law Guide
Legal Material - By Source
Law Library Resource Exchange
Directories, Locators, and Web Searching Tools
Law Journals Online
New Sites from the Big Ear
Law-Related Mailing Lists
The Legal Domain: Read what's on the legal newsgroups
West Legal News
NetWatchers Cyberzine

The Internet Lawyer
Cyberspace Law Center
The Cyberlaw Encycolpedia
EFF Archive
Cornell Legal Information Institute
Australian Legal Information Institute
Chicago-Kent Resources
WashLaw WEB
'Lectric Law Library: Rotunda
Galaxy Law Index
Virtual Canadian Law Library
ACJ Net: Canadian Resources
Venables Legal Resources (UK)
Law Around the Net
The Legal Pad
The Law Mall (Anti-Trust, etc.)
Listen to Law (Sound)
Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator

Law Schools & Law Libraries
Lillian Goldman Library at Yale Law School
Washington & Lee FTP Archive
USC Law Home Page

WWLIA: Timeline of Legal History
The Avalon Project: Documents in Legal History ***
Roman Law Home Page   and   Links
Medieval Sourcebook: History of Law
Near East & Islamic Law
Hibbits' Legal History Links
Essay: Classic Tradition in International Law
Bracton: De Legibus (~1250)
Hale: History of the Common Law (1713 - 340K)
Maine: Three Works
Maitland: Four Essays
John Stuart Mill
Magna Carta (1215)
British Historical Documents
Bill of Rights (1689)

Library Index

The Law Courts

Search Supreme Court of Canada Decisions
Supreme Court of Canada Home Page
Supreme Court Act
Supreme Court Rules

Search Federal Court of Canada Decisions
Federal Court of Canada Home Page
Federal Court Act
Federal Court Rules

Decisions of Canadian Courts & Tribunals Online
BC Superior Courts
Tax Court of Canada
Home Pages of Canadian Courts
Canadian Judges' Home Page
Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure
Recent Canadian Decisions (QuickLaw)
Search All Canadian Case Law Online


Search US Supreme Court Decisions
US Supreme Court Decisions
FedWorld: US Supreme Court Decisions
About the US Supreme Court
The US Supreme Court
US Supreme Court Rules

US Federal Judiciary Home Page
Guide to US Federal Court System
Federal Cours & Decisions Online
Search Federal Circuit Courts Opinions
Search Federal Court Opinions
FindLaw: US Courts

National Center for State Courts Home Page (US)
State Courts Online
Legal Resources by State (US)
Search Case Law by State

House of Lords (UK)
Case Base: CA and QBD(Crown Office) Decisions (UK)
Search Australian & Commonwealth Decisions
Other National Courts Online
International Supreme Courts Bulletin

International Court of Justice Web Site
Statute of the International Court of Justice
World Court Digest (since 1986)
International Court of Justice Decisions (since 1996)


Library Index

Bar Associations

The Canadian Bar Association
Canadian Legal Organizations
Federation of Law Societies of Canada
Law Societies Online
Law Society of Upper Canada
LSUC Rules of Professional Conduct (285K)
LPIC: Practice Pro (Ont)
Ontario Lawyers Gazette

American Bar Association
Rules of Professional Conduct
State and Other Bar Associations Online
Martindale's List of State Bar Associations

The Law Society of England & Wales
International Bar Association
Worldwide List of Bar Associations



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