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FindLaw Legal Subject Index
Catalaw: Topical Index
Law Journal Extra! Practice Areas
Cornell: Legal Links by Topic
Galaxy Law Index
'Lectric Law Library: Lexicon & Subject Areas
Hieros Gamos: Legal Materials by Topic
ACJ Net: Legal Subject Index (Can)


Links to Aboriginal Resources
NativeWeb Indigenous Legal Issues
Researching Indigenous Rights in International Law
Fourth World Documentation Project
Aboriginal Law and Legislation Online
A Brief Introduction to Aboriginal Law in Canada
Henderson's Annotated Indian Act (Can)
Canadian Native Law Cases: 1763-1978
The Delgamuukw Decision (SCC - 1997)
Comment on Delgamuukw & Other Aboriginal Rights Issues
Analysis of Pre-Delgamuukw Decisions (1997 - 160K)
Canadian Bar Ass'n: Aboriginal Law Section
Assembly of First Nations (Can)


A Beginner's Guide to ADR
ACJ Net: ADR Links (Can)
WWW Virtual Library: Peace & Conflict Resolution
ADR at Hieros Gamos (50K)
Conflict Net
Conflict Resolution on the InterNet
BC International Commercial Arbitration Centre
Article: Mandatory Mediation on the Horizon in Ontario
Dispute Resolution Mailing List


BBB Consumer Alerts
Consumer Awareness Notes (Can)
Consumer World
Consumers International
US Consumer Protection Resources
Consumer Law Page (US)
DepoConnect: Verdicts, Settlements, etc. (US)
Healthfinder: Consumer Information Resource (US)
Better Business Bureaus (Can. & US)

Consumer Gateway (US)
National Fraud Information Center (US)
Internet Scambusters
US FTC's "Dirty Dozen"
USPS: Chainletters
Deceptive Telemarketing (Can)
Buying Precious Metals & Jewels (Can)
Pyramids & Multi-Level Sales (Can)
OPP: Phonebusters (Ont)

Product Safety
Christie's Internet Safety Links (Can. Site)
Consumer Product Safety Commission (US)
Autpedia: Buying & Owning a Car
International Standards Organization
Europort: Standards Sources
Standards Council of Canada
Canadian Standards Association
Underwriters Laboratories
National Electrical Safety Foundation (US)
National Fire Protection Association (US)
Food & Drug Law Institute (US)
US Food and Drug Administration (US)
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Consumer Reports Magazine

Debt Counsellors of America
CardTrak's Consumer News (US)
The Bank Rate Monitor (US)
BanxQuote: Credit Card Rates by State (US)
12 Credit Card Secrets (US)
Card Web
FinanCenter: Credit Cards (US)
TD Bank: Credit Card FAQ (Can)
Canadian Credit Card Rates: Trends over Time
Canadian Credit Card Rates: Current
Governments & Consumers Around the World


Canadian Contract Law Centre
Batchelor's Outline of Contract Law (Can)
Plain Language Online Site (Can)
UNIDROIT: Principles of International Commercial Contracts
European Commission on Contract Law: Principles (1997)
Uniform Commercial Code (US)
Cornell: Contracts (US)
Contract Law Online (Oz)
QuickForms: Draft a Contract Online


Rule of Law News

Attorneys-General Around the World
World Criminal Justice Library Network
International Criminal Justice Online
OICJ: Criminal Justice TechNews
Zeno's Forensic Page ***
Forensic Investigation of a Crime
Institute for Law and Justice Home
International Centre for the Prevention of Crime
Crime and Crime Prevention Resources (116K)
International Centre for Criminal Law Reform
The War Crimes Tribunal
Criminal Justice: History Resources
Police Training & Criminal Justice Resources
Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page (@FSU) ***

International Relations & Security Network
International Law Enforcement
International Criminal Justice Agencies
World's Most Wanted
Crime Connections on the Web (102K) **
Juvenile Justice Links
UN International Drug Control Programme
Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Comm'n
Drug Facts and Figures
Drug Related Street Terms
Comparative Criminal Justice Resources
Criminal Justice Resources (UK)
Police Services of the UK
Federal Bureau of Investigation (US)
Federal Criminal Justice Agencies (US)
State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies (US)
National Security Institute (US)
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Air India Bombing Disaster Page
Search Police Databases

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Ontario Provincial Police
La Sûreté du Québec
Law Enforcement Agencies in Canada
Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
Police 10-Codes
Canadian Firearms Centre
Solicitor General of Canada
Attorney General of Ontario
StatsCan: Crime Statistics in Canada
Criminal Code of Canada
Criminal Code FAQ's
Crimes, Courts & Consequences (Ont)
Provincial Court Judges' Resources
Justice Canada: Crown Counsel Policy Manual (1993)
Canadian Criminal Law Search System (CLASS - subscribe)

Canadian Criminal Justice: A Primer ***
J. Drysdale: Canadian Criminal Law (116K) **

Your Rights When Arrested (Can)
LSUC: Teenagers and Criminal Law
LSUC: Pleading Guilty
ACJ Net: Canadian Criminal Justice Links
Canadian Criminal Law Information Centre
Canadian Criminal Justice Resource Page
First Line: Canadian Criminal Law Information
LSUC: Impaired Driving
Drunk Driving Digest
Drug and Alcohol Information
Controlled Substance Data from DrugTexT
Ontario Criminal Lawyers' Association

Corrections, Prisons & Restorative Justice
Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted
Applying for a Conviction Review (DOJ-Can)
Applying for a Pardon (Can)
Punishment and Corrections in Canada
Correctional Service of Canada
Correctional Investigator (Can)
National Parole Board (Can)
Prisons & Corrections Links (US)
Federal Bureau of Prisons (US)
The Prison Issues Desk (US)
Prisoner-Related Resources
Deaths in Custody (Oz)
Tyburn Tree: Capital Punishment in 18th Century England
Executioners & Their Victims
ACLU Death Penalty Page

Heiros Gamos: Criminal Law (67K)
Criminal Justice: Online Discussions & E-Journals
NACDL: Criminal Law News (US)
Court TV (US)


Introduction to Employment Law (NS & Can)
Nolo's Encyclopedia: Employment Law (US)
ACJ Net: Employment Links (Can)
Employment Standards Legislation in Canada
Employment Equity & Equal Pay (Fed)
OHRC: Human Rights in Employment (Ont)
Can. Human Rts. Reporter: Human Rights Issues
Can. Human Rts. Reporter: Topical Summaries of Court Decisions
Disabled Employees: Duty to Accommodate
LSUC: Termination of Employment (Ont)
LSUC: Wrongful Dismissal
Employment Insurance Canada

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Workers Health & Safety Centre (Ont)
Canadian Workers' Compensation Sites
Employment Standards Administration (US)
Employee Benefits (US)
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (US)
Employment Discrimination Law (US)
Disability Etiquette Handbook (US)
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (US)
US DOL: Employment Laws Assistance Online
Socal Security Administration (US)

WWW Virtual Library: Labor & Employment Law
Heiros Gamos: Employment Law
Outline: Model Employee Handbook


Energy and Utilities Law
WWW Virtual Library: Energy
Massachussetts Electric Page
misc.industry.utilities.electric Home Page
Canadian Institute of Resource Law
Energy Sector (EMR-Canada)
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology
DOE Alternative Fuels Data Center
DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network
DOE Annual Energy Outlook
DOE Country Analysis Briefs
Virtual Green Room - Energy Partnerships
The Alternative Fuels Data Center


WWW Virtual Library: International Environmental Law
Global Network on Environment & Technology
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
North Amercican Agreement on Environmental Cooperation
Commission for Environmental Cooperation (N. Amer.)
West Coast Environmental Law Page (B.C.)
Roger's Environmental Resource Page
Environmental Sites on the Internet
Environmental WWWeb Sites
EnviroText Homepage
EcoLink home page
Other Environmental Links
The Rainforest Action Network Home Page
Environmental Orgs Web Directory


Estates Links on the Internet
Fungible Trusts
National Charities Information Bureau


LSUC Rules of Professional Conduct (Ont.)
ABA Rules of Professional Conduct (US)

Ethics Thruway to the Internet
UBC Centre for Applied Ethics Home Page
Legal Issues in Science
Bioethics and Biomedical Ethics
Doctors & Dying
WWW - 10 Legal and Ethical Issues


Convention on the Rights of the Child
California CASA Home Page (Child Advocacy)
The Adoption Page
US Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement

Ontario Family Law Bulletin
SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources
Pat's Abuse Links Page
Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing Home Page
Abuse and Recovery Resources
Domestic Partners/Same Sex Marriages
Homeless-Missing Persons Project
Universal Codex for the Social Sciences


Convention on the Political Rights of Women
Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
Women's Legal & Public Policy Resources
Women and the Law
CRLP Reproductive Law Center
Feminist Jurisprudence
Hastings Women's Law Journal


Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Summary of UN Documents on Human Rights (with links to texts)
Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Human Rights Brief
The Human Rights Web
Human Rights Resources at Essex
Victor Perton's Human Rights Papers
Human Rights Links
Project DIANA at Yale
Washington College HR Links
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

Amnesty International
ACLU Civil Rights History
ACLU Reading Room
Toronto Coalition Against Racism
Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
Human and Civil Rights Organizations(US)
A Chronicle of Freedom of Expression in Canada
Freedom of Expression Links
Equal Opportunity, Anti Discrimination and Human Rights (Oz)
EDLAW: Disablilities
Disability Links
Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
Sacred Sites and Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Illinois Human Rights Commission Decisions

One World Online


US Immigration for Canadian Businesses
US Immigration Links
US Customs Service


Insurance Canada Homepage
Insurance Resource Center
Insurance Coverage Glossary


An Overview of Intellectual Property
Canadian Intellectual Property Office

US Cultural Property Protection Laws
World Heritage and Cultural Protection
Law of Trade Secrets

World Intellectual Property Organization
Am. Intellectual Property Law Ass'n (AIPLA)
International I.P. Treaties & Conventions
Protection of Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property (Web Journal)
Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
Intellectual Property Magazine
Ideas Digest Online
CASRIP Newsletter
Villanova Information Law Chronicle
Ladas & Parry I.P. Page
Intellectual Property Laws
Intellectual Property Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court

Patent Materials (Cornell)
General Information Concerning Patents
U.S. Patent Act
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
U.S. PTO Online Publications
Manual of Patent Examining Procedures (download)
STO's Internet Patent Search System
Patent Cooperation Treaty Information
Wacky Patent of the Month

Trademark Materials (Cornell)
All About Trademarks (GGMARK)
General Information Concerning Trademarks
U.S. Trademark Act
Manual of Trademark Examining Procedures (download)
Trademark: Online Search and Registration (US)

Copyright Materials (Stanford)
Copyright FAQ
10 Big Copyright Myths
U.S. Copyright Office.
U.S. Copyright Act
Software Piracy and the Law


Law and Economics
Steen's Law and Economics Page
American Law and Economics Ass'n


Internet Tools for Attorneys
The Practicing Attorney's Home Page
Survey: Law Firm Billing
The Law Practice Management Page
Law Office Technology
Transcript Analyser for Windows
David Loundy's Law Office
The Virtual Law Firm
Legal Internet Marketing
West's Legal Directory (WLD)


Rob's Legal Research Home Page
The WWW Virtual Library: Int'l Law Research Resources
Glossary of Legal Terms
Language in the Judicial Process
Basic Legal Citation (US)
Citation Guide for Internet Sources

Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies
Law-Related Mailing Lists
Law Student Web
Lawyers Legal Research Online (Register)


Statute of the International Court of Justice

US Court Rules
Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation (SLAPP's)
Questioned Document Examination
Zeno's Forensics Site
American Medical Forensic Specialists, Inc.
Medical Law Center
DepoConnect: Verdicts, Settlements, etc. (US)


Law Journal Extra!: Media Law
International Entertainment & Multimedia Law Network
S.J. Wong's Multimedia Law
Entertainment Law Resource Center
Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal
Arts Law Centre Newsletter
Advertising Law
Cyberspace Law Center
Making the Deal in Hollywood!
WWW Multimedia Law


Maritime Municipal Training and Development Board


Electronic Easement (Property Law)


Aurora Professional Press
Butterworth Legal Publishers
Foreign Tax Law Publishers
Law Book Company Limited (Australia)
Matthew Bender & Co.
Nolo Press' Self-Help Law Center
West Publishing Corporation


QRD Legal Directory
LeGal (LesbiGayLawyers)
LG Rights in International Law (Bibliography)
National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law
QRD: Lesbian and Gay Law Notes


KPMG Canadian Tax Tip of the Day
KPMG Tax Notes
Deloitte/Touche Tax Notes
Gary Sorenson: Can. Tax Law
Revenue Canada Info and Forms

Brunton's US Taxletter (for Canadians)
Frank McNeil's Tax Sites


Canadian Lawyer's Internet Guide
The Law of Cyberspace
WWW - 10 Legal and Ethical Issues
Software Industry Issues: Multistate Legislation
Software Piracy and the Law
The World of Telecommunications
The Telecommunications Page (Mich. St.)
Angus Telecom Links
Angus Telecom Update (weekly)

Communications Research Centre (Can.)
CRTC Home Page (Can.)
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
FCC Welcome Page
Federal Communications Law Journal
Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review

B. Klopfenstein's Telecom Page
Telstra Telecom Page
TelComLaw FTP Directory
Stratton Oakmont, Inc. v. Prodigy Services Co.
Internet Security & Technology
A Security Newsletter
The Technology Reporter (telcom)
Richmond Journal of Law and Technology
Legal Automation and Internet Review
Jeff Kuester's Technology Law Resource
Business & Technology Law
Internet & Computer Law Association
Wisebrod's Law and the Internet Site


International Trade Law Project
International Trade Links
US Customs Service
Foreign Law - Primary Documents
Doing Business Guides 50 Countries

International Trade Conventions and Other Trade Instruments
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT/WTO 1994)
North American Free Trade Agreement (1993)
Inter-American Free Trade
Entrepreneur's Law Center
Business Law Classes
Business & Technology Law
Law of Electronic Commerce

Library Index

Law Journals Online

Web Law Journal of Current Legal Issues
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Thémis (fr.)
Journal of Online Law
NetWatchers Cyberzine (Law)
The Internet Lawyer
The Internet Law Journal
Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal
Constitutional Forum (Can.; TOC only)
Hastings Women's Law Journal
Cornell Law Review
Ontario Family Law Bulletin
Federal Communications Law Journal
Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review
Richmond Journal of Law and Technology
Legal Automation and Internet Review
Cyberspace Law Review (Bibliography)
Intellectual Property (Web Journal)
Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law
Transportation Law Journal
Maori Law Review
Privacy Law & Policy Reporter
Human Rights Brief
Stanford Law and Policy Review (Abstracts of Articles)
Eclectic 'Lectric Law Review
News from the Law Union of Ontario
Pro Se
LII E-Mail Bulletins

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