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What is PGP?

PGP ("Pretty Good Privacy") is encryption software used to communicate by e-mail. Its sophisticated algorithms and verification procedures ensure that only the authorized sender and recipient can read the messages they exchange. If you have a legal problem you wish to communicate to me, please use this technology to do it or some other secure means of communication. I do not warrant that this or any other means you may use to send me a message is absolutely secure.

The software I use is ViaCrypt PGP for Windows. This is a commercial package offering several advantages for the user. PGP is also freely available as shareware on the Internet. The sites listed below will provide further information and show you where and how to download PGP.

How Does PGP Work?

The encryption "pad" for PGP consists of two parts: a public key and a private or secret key. Both parties to a communication must have their own keys, created by their own PGP software.

If you wish to send me a PGP encoded-message, you must copy my public key (included below) and send me your public key. With that information, we can both send and receive encrypted messages that PGP can verify and decode. Then we can read our messages in plain text, but no one else can.

Sending a PGP Message to my Virtual Law Office

While it is not necessary to do this, I use a separate e-mail address for PGP messages. To communicate with me, make sure that you are familiar with PGP procedures (see below for more information) and send a message to me at this address:


Version: 2.7.1


More Information About PGP

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