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Devise a Shakespearean Insult
Play Trivia on the Web



Have a Nice Cup of Tea

Learn a Language

Learn Grammar and Style

Find the Right Words

Send a Letter to the Editor
Toronto Globe & Mail

Take up Creative Writing

Create an Anagram

Become Absolutely Fabulous

Dissect a Frog

Do Some Whale Watching

Join a Think Tank

Sleep with the Fishes

Find your Fed Ex Package or UPS Parcel

Tour the Ontario Science Centre


Compose a Haiku

See the Library of Congress Exhibits

Visit the Cheshire Cat or The Toronto Guerrilla

Invent a Syndrome

Get Your Head Read

Consult a Real Heavyweight

SeeSomething Different:
Le Jardin Mechanismé

Play a Game


Rate Your Risk of Being Murdered

Put in a Bid

Plan Your Own Demise

See if You Were Successful

Become Stylish and Elegant

Rearrange the Deck Chairs

Pick Out a Gift for a Friend

Buy a Diamond

Be Frugal

Learn to Do Cryptic Crosswords

Let's Play Jeopardy

Read the Canadian Press News Summary

Get the News from the South Pole

Read My Lips

Smell the Flowers



Have a Laugh, or Two, or Three

Pamper a Platypus

Feast on Ostrich

Get into All That Jazz, and More Jazz, or All Kinds of Music

Spend an Evening at the Theatre

Shaw Festival
Stratford Festival
Phantom of the Opera
Miss Saigon
On (or Off) Broadway


Learn About Clocks and Time

Make your own Horoscope

Consult the Psychic Chicken

Check the Time

Hype! Toronto

Confess All!



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