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Latin America

Latin American Network Resources Latin World WWW Virtual Library: Latin American Studies Abya Yala Net Native Americas Journal Latin America: Publications Online Internet Resources on Latin America (160K) Derechos-Human Rights in Latin America South & MesoAmerican Indigenous Rights Center Organization of American States Mesoamerican Archaeology Bibliography: MesoAmerican Peoples Ancient MesoAmerican Civilizations Indigenous Populations in Latin America and the Caribbean GB's Online MesoAmerica

Spanish to English Automatic Translation  



Society and Culture of Mexico Map of Mexico LANIC: Mexico Links Latin World Mexican Links Chiapas Alert Network Chiapas News & Communiqués Zapatista Net EZLN Chiapas Links Lacondon Maya Communities SAPED Community & Eco-Support Zapotecs in Mexico Other Indigenous Groups in Mexico Native Languages of Mexico Commission for Environmental Cooperation Gente Indígenas de Méjico (Indigenous Peoples) Pueblos Indígenas de México The Azteca Web Page Congreso Nacional Indígena Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos La Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos El Diario de Yucatán

Mexican History to Date Pre-Columbian Cultures of Mexico Cultura Olmeca Conquest of Mexico Prescott: History of the Conquest of Mexico (1843 - 115K) Aztec Society Tenochtitlán: Capital of the Aztecs Mexico-Tenochtitlán: The Ancient City Virtual Tour: Tenochtitlán The Day of the Dead The Mayans Mystery of the Maya Maya Page for Schools Mayan Ruins More Mayan Ruins Still More Mayan Ruins Maya Gallery (Ruins) Virtual Palenque Mayan Language Page Mayan Astronomy Browse this FTP Site Tarlton Library: Aztec & Mayan Law

Foro Virutal de Cultura Mexicana Deigo Rivera Web Museum Frida Kahlo Homepage Contemporary Culture & Entertainment (U. Guadalajara) Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes Bibliography: Books About Mexico

Central America


Central America Maps (Magellan) Institute for Central American Development Studies Indigenous Peoples in Central America Maya Peoples in Mexico and Guatemala Maya Archeology in Central America Maya-Aztec-Inca Exchange Guatemala Update on Guatemala Mayan Struggle Global Development Center Tzuk Kim-Pop Movement Belize The Belize Times Institute of Prehistoric & Tradtional Culture (Belize) Archeological Sites of Belize Mayan Ruins (Belize) Introduction to Honduras Archeological Sites in Honduras Mayan Ruins at Copan Copan Village Archeological Museum World Heritage Sites in Honduras Derechos Humanos: Honduras Gold, Jade, Forests: Costa Rica Republica de El Salvador El Salvador InfoCenter El Salvador Resources Online Nicaragua Online Ciberdiario de Nicaragua FUNDENIC: Sustainable Development Focus on Panama Panama Canal Commission Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Panama)

South America


South America Maps (Magellan) GAIA Forest Conservation: South America WHA: Native Peoples in South America) Indigenous Literature (South America) Cultures of the Andes Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador Machu Picchu (Peru) World Heritage Sites in Peru Quechua/Runasimi The Aymara Page Indigenous Peoples in Chile Mapuche Page The Guarani Home Page Indigenous Peoples in Brazil Amazonian Peoples Resources Initiative Amanaka'a Amazon Network



Australian Links

Australia Maps (Magellan) WWW Virtual Library: Aboriginal Studies Koori Net The Term "Koori" The Aboriginal Page at VicNet WWW Virtual Library: Australian Indigenous Languages SOF Web: Indigenous Resources CoombsWeb AIATSIS Electronic Data Archive

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library Resource Net Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies InfoKoori Inquiry into Separation of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Children from Families Kam Yan: Indigenous Australia Today Mareeba Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Page Oorala Aboriginal Centre (UNE)

National Native Title Tribunal Native Title Cases The Mabo Papers The Wik Debate Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Australians for Native Title & Reconciliation Native Title Research Unit Indigenous Cultural & Intellectual Property Rights Australian Indigenous Peoples and the Law

Tandanya: Aboriginal Cultural Institute Aboriginal Art Gallery Online OneWorld: Australian Aboriginal Art Austral Art Gallery Dreamtime Art Gallery Feral Art Australian Rock Art Research Ass'n Australia Arts & Culture Yothu Yindi (Yolngu Music and Art) Yolngu Dance Mulga Music Didgeridoos The Festival of the Dreaming

Indigenous Health Network Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Watch National Archives National Library Australian Cultural Directory Other Cultural Links OzWeb



New Zealand Links

New Zealand Maps (Magellan) New Zealand/Aotearoa on the Web Introduction to The Maori Maoritanga The Maori Language Pages in Maori Ngata English-Maori Dictionary Online Powhiri: Ceremonial Entry onto a Marae Whakapapa: Maori Geneology Ngai Tahu (S. Island Iwi) Maori Links More Maori Links Maori Organizations & Resources

Treaty of Waitangi Violations of the Treaty of Waitangi (1840-1990) Overview of the Waitangi Tribunal Waitangi Tribunal Reports Waikato-Tainui Raupatu Claim Settlement (1995) Muriwhenua Land & Fishery Claim Negotiations Maori Fisheries & Treaty Fisheries Commission Maori Women's Claim Maori Land Information Base Maori Land and Law Index Maori Legal Resources Maori Law Review

NZ Parliamentary System The Maori Option NZ Government Online Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Maori Development) New Zealand Information

Other Pacific Links

WWW Virtual Library: Pacific Studies Maps of the Pacific (Magellan) South Pacific Information Network Pacific Island Report (News) FWDP: Oceania Documents Indigenous Issues: Pacific Link Other Pacific Sites Pacific Links Pacific Law Resource Unit Oceanian Governments Online



International Links

Hieros Gamos: Native Peoples Law News
OneWorld: Land Rights Updates

Center for World Indigenous Studies International Indian Treaty Council Researching Indigenous Peoples' Rights Under International Law (118K) Researching International Law on the Internet Research Guide to International Law Web Resources Short List of International Law Resources Other Collections of International Law Resources Public International Law Indigenous Rights: International Law Site Essay: The International Personality of Indigenous Peoples Getting Governments to Listen: Relevance of International Law Foreign & International Law Web The Fourth World Documentation Project UN Documents relating to Indigenous Peoples UN Study on Treaties with Indigenous Nations (200K+) Multilateral Conventions at the Fletcher School (Tufts) Glossary of International Treaty Terminology International Court of Justice International Criminal Tribunals United Nations Information Services United Nations United Nations Scholars' Workstation DIANA: Search UN Documents FindLaw: Search International Law Hieros Gamos: International Law

USHR Law Library: Treaties & International Law Boundary-Related Disputes & Links Boundary Waters Comparative Boundary Theories Trans-Boundary Corporations & Indigenous Rights Miingignoti-Keteanoag: Border Crossing Issue (Wabenaki) Border Crossing at Niagara Falls Court Upholds Border Crossing Right (1997, Can) The Jay Treaty (1794) Treaty of Ghent (1814) ConflictNet Western Shoshone Territorial Integrity Litigation ILRC Intervention re Western Shoshone (1998) UN Seminar on Indigenous Righs & Claims (1996) International Symposium: Indigenous Peoples (1997) Essays on Indigenous Peoples' Rights International Environmental Issues affecting Indigenous Peoples Native American Legal Resources on the Web Hieros Gamos: Native Peoples Law Native Web



Human Rights Links

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 50 Years!

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights International Human Rights Instruments by Topic DIANA Human Rights Database Derechos Human Rights Amnesty International Resource Center of the Americas American Civil Liberties Union Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law The Human Rights Brief Human Rights Web

UN Documents: Indigenous Peoples Essay: Community Policing and the Challenge of Diversity Essay: Controlling Racial Discrimination in Policing Report: Systemic Racism in Policing (Metro Toronto) Aboriginal Peoples and Conflict with the Law Essay: Where Cultures Clash - Natives & A Fair Trial Essay: Towards A Separate Justice System for Aboriginal Peoples Aboriginal Sentencing Circles in Canada Native American Spiritual Freedom in Prison Sami Culture and Human Rights Cultural Survival Essay: Dealing with Anti-Indian Organizing First People: Rights & Activism Net Warriors Active Voices: Online Journal

Inter-American Court of Human Rights Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Essay: Recognizing Indigenous Rights in the Americas (1996) Proposed Inter-American Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples Sacred Sites and Human Rights Art Crimes Phatlist Coerced Sterilization of Native American Women Code of Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Indigenous Peoples Coalition Against Biopiracy Indigenous Peoples Biodiversity Information Network

Legal Essays on Human Rights Issues Peace Net Peace Brigades International (PBI) IAIR Issues: Human Rights Stereotypes of Native Americans People Against Racism Toronto Coalition Against Racism WomensNet One World Online

Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms Challenges Under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms Bibliography: Researching the Charter of Rights & Freedoms (240K) Court Challenges Program (Can) Can. Government Statement on Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples Xwi7xwa Library: Aboriginal Rights (UBC) Essay: Prospects for Aboriginal Justice in Canada Canadian Human Rights Commission Canadian Human Rights Law Centre Human Rights Research & Education Centre (U. Ott.) Human Rights Watch



Environmental Links

Native Americans & the Environment

EcoNet Paths To Political & Legal Issues Other Peoples' Paths IGC: Environmental Law Around the World WWW Virtual Library: Environmental Law World Resources Institute The Polar Regions Arctic Circle Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy Arctic and Antarctic Links Gateway to Antarctica Australian Antarctic Page Antarctic Treaty Page WWW Resources: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Cultural Heritage GIS Resources Chisasibi Protocol (1986)

1998 YB: International Cooperation of Environment & Development

Indigenous Environmental Network Web Directory: Env. Sites & Organizations International Institue for Sustainable Developmnet EnviroText Search Environment & Society Social Equity & Environmental Justice Essay: Social Context of Resource Depletion (Papua-NG) Journal: Environmental History Right to Know Net Articles on Environmental Risk Assessment Encyclopedia of Environmental Contaminants Atmospheric Research & Information Centre WWW Virtual Library: Oceanography Maritime & Ocean Law The Aquatic Network Journal: Aquatic Survival The Coral Reef Alliance International Rivers Network Aquaculture Network WetList: Water Resources Links (400K) Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law NRDC Worldview News Gaia Forest Archives National Wildlife Federation (US) Native American Environmental Issues Indigenous Peoples: Resource Issues & Agreements Indigenous Peoples Archive CIKARD: Indigenous Knowledge & Development Directory: Indigenous Knowledge Resource Centers Indigenous Knowledge Links Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Beluga Bibliograhy: Indigenous Insitutions & Indigenous Knowledge (200K) Indigenous Women's Network Speech: 50 Years of the World Bank Indigenous Knowledge & Development Monitor

Nature    Magazines    Science

Ecology WWW



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